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terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016


Faith Alive Band / This Is What We're Made for / 2016

01. Our Song Becomes a Dance (feat. Jamie Snider)
02. This Is What We're Made for (feat. Bailey Riza)
03. Praise the Mighty Name (feat. Jamie Snider)
04. God Who Moves the Mountains (feat. Dustin Smith)
05. You Are Here (feat. Bailey Riza)
06. Stay Here (feat. Bailey Riza)
07. Who Can Stand (feat. Jenny Fehr)
08. Wonders (feat. Bailey Riza)
09. My Pursuit (feat. Dustin Smith)
10. Receive It All (feat. Jenny Fehr)
11. Back to Life (feat. James Galbraith)
12. It's About to Get Beautiful (feat. Bailey Riza & Dustin Smith)


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